Kowhai and Harakeke Home Learning

Kia ora whanau

Term 2 starts Wednesday 15th April.  It is really weird to be starting a term when we are not at school together.  

Below is a slideshow with all of the information you will need to start learning. This slideshow will be updated each night with the following days’ work. 

Please don’t feel overwhelmed or expected to complete everything each day. There are several options to choose from each day. You choose the order.  Do only what you are able.

We would love to see the work your child has completed, but this is entirely optional. If you wish to share work, you can take photos and email it to us. Each evening, we will be sending you an email and update the website with learning activities for your children for the following day.   

We are available by email between the hours of 9am and 3pm for questions, feedback, help and support or just a general check-in. There is also a ZOOM classroom catchup each day from 11-11.30am. Check your emails for the link to join. It will be sent daily by 10.40am. 

Have fun and remember, we are here to help. 

Miss Claire (Harakeke)     cstenhouse@maraeroa.school.nz
Miss Cherie (Kowhai)       ccheung@maraeroa.school.nz
Miss Sheryl (Kowhai)       sprakash@maraeroa.school.nz



Some questions you might have

Do we need to do ‘school’ from 9am-3pm?
No. The days learning will be sent to you by email and updated on the website the night before. The tasks can be done in any order and at any time that suits your family. 

Do we have to complete ALL the activities each day?
No. We acknowledge that the situation in each home is different. The learning has been designed for you to do as much or as little as your family are able to. 

I don’t have unlimited DATA. Can we still do the learning activities?
Yes. We are providing learning that can be done online and offline. If your data is limited, you can choose to only do the offline activities. 

What do I need to do to be ready for Wednesday 15 April?
Access the day’s learning activities which will be sent to you on Tuesday night by email, or you can view the learning from our Home Learning page on the school website. Most activities can be completed with pencil/pen and paper. Your class teacher will be in touch to discuss the learning plan with you.

How will my child access their learning?
The learning tasks have been designed by your child’s teachers. You will need to access the information from your daily email or from the Home Learning page on the website.   

I have more than one child in the Junior school.
Learning plans have been shared between classes within the school. 
Harakeke and Kowhai have the same plan.
Rata and Rimu share a plan with each other
Nikau, Kauri and Kahikatea all share one plan.

What is Zoom?
Zoom is a space on the internet where we can video chat with the children. We will send you a daily email with the link to join in. At 11am each day, click on the link and you will be able to chat and see the teachers and other children from our classes. We can also use Zoom to work with you and your child one-to-one for help and support.