Nga Puawai - Senior Team
Welcome to Nga Puawai (blossoms). We would like to show you how we learn and work at Maraeroa School. 

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A Word about

Digital Learning

We are focused on preparing our tamariki for their futures. We believe that our children will need to be both literate in the use of digital technology, and creators of digital technology. We use digital technology daily in all of our classrooms. We encourage our students use digital technology safely, effectively and regularly. We spend time teaching students safe internet practices.  By the time our students leave Nga Puawai we hope they have skills to: think digitally and creatively, problem solve using technology, and inquire critically into the use and development of digital technologies. 

Kaiako – Nga Puawai

Inquiry Learning

In the senior classes we are building inquiry learning communities.

Our students are focussed on developing the capabilities to problem solve in groups and understand the importance of collective understanding and responsibility.

Our students work collaboratively but still have responsiblity for themselves through active listening and sense making.

An inquiry model underpins all of our teaching and learning which allows our students to access genuine problems and activities, as well as having a chance to become change makers within our community.


Our Learning

Read below for some information our Nga Puawai students have written about what we are learning and the way we learn.

Our Kaiako


In Inquiry, Our big question is, “What is creativity, and what is its importance for society?” and we have based it on technology. We have been learning about how technology is creative and how it works to be creative. We video chatted a news reporter about how she sees creativity in public, and how she uses creativity in her job. We broke our big question down, to see what creativity means, and what society means. We are now working on what society means, but we are still working on creativity. We have been doing a survey, and now there are little groups that have their own mini questions. There are questions like, “Can we use waste as new technology?”, and “How can we include others?”, and “How can creativity calm down  negative attitudes?”. But we still have lots more questions to answer, and find out. Who knows, we might still have this big question by the end of the year!


Our learning in maths is awesome, we get to learn how to use mathematical language. We solve challenging problems, we ask questions if we don’t understand the explanation or if we need help. We also like mistakes because it gives us the opportunity to fail and fix. What we like about maths is that all of us can share our ideas with others, then they can make connections. We use lots of strategies. We are  good at maths because we have great teachers (staff and students).


For literacy we do things like writing,spelling and reading. We can write stories about anything or about what we read.

We can write stories about stuff we like or its made up, we use punctuation, full stops, commas and all those types of things in our writing.

In reading we read articles, plays, fiction, non fiction,poems, and chapter books. So far we are learning about the creativity in the book that the author thought of. We do buddy reading and we write about what we did.

For spelling we learn different words we never knew,we learn harder and different words and we do activities with spelling.

The Arts

What we do is practice first before we start our proper art. In art we sketch,paint and draw about what we like and what we feel and more stuff about ourselves. We draw on colourful paper to let our art stand out, or we just draw on normal paper (like just white paper) but every time we do art we are always being creative 

In drama we get in a group and explain what our ideas are and we try to put them together like a big idea.Every time we  do drama we think of a idea what to do but we think of a creative idea. What I like about drama is, when I get to be a different person and I get to say my tone.

We dance to slow and fast music to connect to the theme that were doing. So if my group is writing a letter to someone the message goes over to the person that is receiving. 


PE and Health

We did swimming and walking to the creek pools. We have also done soccer. In hauora/health we are learning about emotions and mental health. We are learning about Te Whare Tapa Wha and how to keep ourselves healthy. 

Reo Tangata

What we do for te reo maori is a great opportunity for us to accept challenges and take risks by giving it a go at speaking and understanding te reo.We also learn how to express our feelings in te reo, we learn how to ask how people are doing or what the weather’s like in te reo.


In Tuputupu we do new things like sports, cooking,arts and crafts and walking. We experience new stuff so we can find out new things for us to learn and for our brain to learn and for our future. We could learn a new hobby. We can pick our new activity.

Cultural Groups

Cultural groups are about learning new cultures and new things. You can learn any culture like Cook Island, Samoan, European, Niue, Tokelau, and Maori. 


We pick a song and we sing it then we pick a new song and sing and dance to it. We try to do the moves and find other people to join in with us and sing and join in the group so they don’t fill left alone and they feel included in the singing and dancing.