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CREEK Values Gallery

We really like to celebrate the students who show our school values! At the end of the term the five students in each class who have been showing each value in an outstanding way receive a CREEK wrist band. 


Curiosity is wanting to know more, asking questions about people, places and things,
wondering, inquiry.

We find out by asking, looking thinking, and reflecting.



Reciprocity means project – reflect, exchange, sharing ideas, contribution for mutual benefit, ako, strengths based.

We do things that need doing and expect others to do the same.



Energy is about drive, motivation, resilience to get over challenges, mauri, persevering through challenge.


We think about what we need to succeed.


Excellence means quality, high expectations, trying our best, striving for better than our best, not settling for OK, pride, satisfaction – aiming for pride.

We feel proud of our efforts everyday.



Kotahitanga is community, whanau, togetherness, paddling our waka in the same direction.

We feel safe and strong with everyone around me.

Our values in action - some skills we have learnt


To be a good listener means to listen actively. We look, pay attention and ask questions if we don’t understand. 


We know that when we negotiate we are kind, we think about what each other want/need, make an agreement, and keep our side of the agreement. We use lots of negotiating on the playground because we share equipment.


We use our manners by asking, waiting, and saying please and thank you. When we use our manners people feel good and that makes us feel good too!

Giving and receiving compliments

We think that giving compliments makes people feel really good! We know the difference between surface compliments and deep compliments. We are grateful when people give us compliments. 


We are kind and accepting towards all people. We know that we are all different and we think that makes our school very special! 

A Word

From Our Student Representatives

“We are the student council of Maraeroa School. We help our school.

Our job is to listen to other children’s ideas and share our ideas with them. We talk to children and work with teachers and our Principal to make action.

We have meetings and figure out from other children and adults what they want to get done around our school.”

– Your Student Reps

What is PB4L?

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

Mararoa School’s PB4L programme aims to work with the school community to develop positive school wide expectations that will help students to be the best they can be.

School-wide PB4L is about developing a strong foundation for respectful, caring, collaborative and productive relationships. The programmes, the research, the resources and shared practices are all focused on creating a solid platform of positive behaviours and social interactions within the school and ultimately our community.

At Maraeroa School, the PB4L team works with teachers, students and families to develop a positive, supportive and safe place to learning.  A place where children identify with their past, know where they are from and believe in their future.

Maraeroa children know how to act at school, at home and in the community because they are constantly taught and given an opportunity to practice those expectations.  Maraeroa school is a place where positive behaviour is consistently acknowledged and rewarded and where inappropriate behaviours are consistently and fairly responded to.

Positive Behaviour for Learning is a Ministry of Education evidence based programme and initiative to support parents, whanau, teachers, schools, and early childhood centres to improve the behaviour of children and young people. Improving learner behaviour and their home and school environments will lead to improved learner engagement and achievements.


Maraeroa Kawatau

Maraeroa Kawatau Matrix

Our matrix are expectations that our staff, students and whanau have for themselves and each other.  They are connected to our CREEK values and VAI (voice, action, identity) vision.

Restorative Practice 

As part of our PB4L program we take a restorative approach to building positive relationships, and behaviour management. Our vision is to provide equitable opportunities for learners to apply and maintain their voice, agency and identity through using a relational and restorative approach which is underpinned by establishing positive relationships, and using best-practice tools to restore these relationships if things go wrong.

Our aim is to work with our students in a relational and restorative way.